Health Tips that Actually Work

There are many health tips that are contradictory to each other. This leaves the readers confused as to what really works and what are harmful. Below are some health tips that are scientifically proven to bring a positive result to the body and mind.

  1. Don’t drink carbonated drinks

Canned and packed drinks mostly available in convenience stores contain fattening sugar that is unwanted by the body.  This is because the sugar in liquid drinks is registered as an unhealthy calorie by our brain. Because of this, if you end up drinking a lot of sodas, you will end up taking a lot of calories.

  1. Eat Nuts

Unless you are allergic to it, nuts are the high source of nutritious elements that are healthy for the body. They are packed with magnesium, vitamin E, and other important nutrients. Many studies confirm its power to help in losing weight and prevent type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  Some studies also suggest that nuts can boost metabolism.

  1. Junk foods are called “junk” for a reason

Many scientists believe that junk foods are the biggest culprit for making most people fat and sick. These foods are proven to make the consumers get addicted to their taste. The chemicals found in them make the brain thinks that they are “rewarding” the consumers, leading to addiction to some people. They have very little nutritional value and high in harmful chemicals that affect how some organs of the body work.

  1. Coffee is good.

For so many years, people believe that coffee is the reason for some health issues. But the truth is coffee is rich in antioxidants which makes its drinker live longer. It helps in preventing certain diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, among others.

  1. Eat Fatty Fish

As discussed earlier, not all fats are unhealthy. Fatty fishes, like salmon, are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids and other nutritious elements. Studies show that fish lovers have a lower risk of developing heart disease, dementia, and depression.

  1. Sleep is Very important

Sleeping is your way of re-charging your body for its next battle. It is as important as the right diet and proper exercise. Poor sleep helps in preventing diabetes, hormonal imbalance and improves physical and mental performance.

  1. Practice Active Lifestyle

Keeping your body in good shape is one way to avoid certain illness like heart disease and asthma. There are so many ways to keep your body active. You can ride an elliptical bicycle like the one from  to shed off some fats.

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