What to Eat After Tooth Extraction

As part of the after tooth extraction healing regimen, there are foods that you are advised to eat while there are also foods that you need to avoid. Knowing what food to eat will speed up the recovery process of the affected area. Here are some recommendations from the dentists: 

Ice Cream 

Ice cream is the best food to eat after tooth extraction. It’s soft and cool which is what you need in the first place. Its coldness helps minimize the risk of developing swelling after the surgery. So even if you have sensitive teeth, you can take the little discomfort by eating ice cream as it does a lot of help. Soft serve ice cream works better as you don’t need a lot of muscles to eat it. Avoid ice creams with mixed solid foods such as almonds, nuts, and sprinkles. Eat ice cream over a cup, not on a cone. 

Cold Soup 

Cold Soups are also recommended for nursing a gum after tooth extraction. Pureed soups from vegetables that are fresh and cold are a great food to comfort the surgical site. Try gazpacho or cold chicken soup with just the broth and pasta on it. Cold soups are not only easy to eat but it also contains nutrients and proteins that help relax facial muscles. Make a soup as smooth as possible before eating it.  You can add some cooked and soft vegetables and pasta. Just make sure you will not add in anything that will require a lot of effort in chewing it. 


Even if you didn’t undergo tooth extraction, a smoothie on a hot day is all you need to get by.  You can blend together your favorite fruits, together with yogurt or milk, and shaved ice. As we discussed earlier, cold foods help prevent gum swelling, while dairy products like yogurt or milk make the smoothie less acidic. This is good to prevent the gums from getting irritated. 

Scrambled eggs 

Scrambled eggs are easy to chew. As long as it is not too hot, you can have it even the day you had your tooth extracted. They have high protein content which helps repair any tissue damaged during the operation. 

Now, there are foods you want to avoid as they may trigger discomfort on the surgical area. Dentists Ontario CA advise you to avoid eating spicy and acidic foods, crunchy snacks, nuts, rice, or any grains that can go to the surgical site and put pressure on it, causing it to bleed. 

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