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About My Blog

Welcome to my page. My name is Kyla Veto, a dentist based in Chicago. I am working as a dentist since 1999 and I received my Master’s Degree in Dentistry here in Chicago. I want to share my knowledge with you about different dental/oral topics through this blog. I will be updating you about relevant news and events happening in your community.  

Since I was a kid, I am passionate about learning the importance of our oral cavity in our overall health. Growing up, I realized that oral health also affects how we view ourselves, and how it affects our relationships with other people. This makes me fascinated that I decided to share my knowledge to a broader audience. My education and hands-on experience will be reflected in each article that I will publish here. 

My first objective with this blog is to keep you informed about hot trends and topics in oral health. I carefully validate the facts about news or a bulletin, and then I write topics about them in a way that is easy to understand. I don’t want you to search for the meaning of each technical word so I will make my explanation as clear as possible.  It is the goal of this blog to make you understand the dental care, dental procedures, and other health problems that are related to your oral cavity. 

For more than a decade in the dental practice, I gained a lot of experiences in terms of caring for the patient, modern practice and using advanced technology in caring for our teeth. I also met colleagues in the industry who are experts in what they do. I developed a strong partnership with some of them, and I solicit their advice from time to time. When I need help writing about a topic in which I don’t understand completely, they are just one phone away. 

I dream to see a smile on each one’s faces. Let me start with you.